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Horizon 2020 and a commercialization of exceptionally innovative products

The new programme period (2014-2020) of Horizon 2020, the European research and development programme, has given companies new opportunities, which were not included in the previous programme periods. Among the changes, I would like to point out the introduction of two new programmes, i.e. the SME Instrument and the Fast Track Innovation (FTI) Pilot. Both programmes promote the commercialization of products and/or services on the European or global market; more specifically of exceptionally innovative products and services that are in the final stage of development, i.e. the stage of testing and preparation for entry to the market. Additionally, the SME Instrument programme opens up possibilities for the individual application of a company, i.e. without consortium partners, which was only possible as an exception in the previous programme periods. A large number of applications point to the fact that the two programmes are very topical and adapted to the needs of companies, but at the same time they are unfortunately also underfunded considering the interest expressed by companies to obtain funds from these two programmes. This means that the funds are intended only for those who are best from all angles.

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